Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cam Newton Allegations: The 10 Most Likely Suspects For The Source

Nobody seems to know where all these allegations about Cam Newton's recruitment and his activities at Florida are coming from yet they keep appearing.

Here are 10 candidates of interest who could have something to be gained or regained if Newton is indeed guilty.

LaMichael James
James has the most to gain individually if the Newton story is true because the Oregon running back is likely the runner up to the Heisman trophy right now.

Urban Meyer
Meyer's team is struggling and the obvious correlation is that Newton originally signed with Florida out of high school and said his heart is still there. The Gator coach could be absolved of his decision to release Newton if the now Auburn QB is shown in a bad light.

Mark Richt
Georgia plays Auburn this week and Richt could be fighting for his job if he loses this game. Richt could have known that the story would take a a week to get going into a full storm and he could cast Auburn's eye away from the Bulldogs this week.

Steve Spurrier
This one is a stretch, but the Ol' Ball Coach needs just one win to send South Carolina to their first SEC Championship Game ever. If you know anything about Gamecock football, you know that accomplishment would be the biggest in the history of the program. Spurrier would have a statue built to him outside of William-Brice Stadium. The former Florida coach could distract the current Gator staff from their game this weekend with the Gameococks by implicating them in the whole mess.

Dan Mullen
The Miss State head coach thought he had Newton's talents secured last Winter. The Bulldogs are 7-2, but would probably by 9-0 with the Heisman front runner. Not only did Mullen lose to him this year, that loss may have cost him a trip to the SEC Championship Game

Kenny Rogers
After his chicken chain failed....oh wait different Kenny Rogers. Well this one may have a failing sports academy and called on an old teammate to dream up a salacious story to get his product in the news.

Tommy Tuberville
Tubs wants to be the only undefeated Auburn coach this decade and he hates the Texas style BBQ in Lubbock.

Bobby Lowder
Dude flew a plane mid-season to Louisville to hire away Bobby Petrino and got caught. Nothing is out of his realm.

Alabama Fans
If there is one thing Alabama fans hate more than losing is Auburn winning and the Tigers have done that every Saturday this fall. To boot, the Heisman and BCS Championship trophies could be headed from Tuscaloosa to Auburn.

The "5 and 19" guy at the Auburn airport
Remember that guy who was yelling at Auburn AD Jay Jacbos upon his return from hiring Gene Chizik a few years back? (Video here - That guy has to be pissed now that he (and most everyone not named Jay Jacobs) was wrong, myself included, about how Chizik would fare at Auburn. But if this guy can get rid of Cam Newton then Auburn might go down the tubes and he would be right.

Just think, if Auburn wins on Saturday against UGA Chizik will be 19-5 as head coach of the Tigers. A complete reversal of his record when he was hired.

Just some humor to break up the swirling Cam Newton rumor mill

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