Saturday, November 27, 2010

Georgia-Georgia Tech Rivalry From A Yellow Jacket Perspective

Well, this rivalry is incredibly important for Georgia Tech. We've got beating Georgia in our fight songs sung at every game, function, and alumni wedding for Dodd's sake.

Georgia Tech fans hate UGA. There's no question. We see dog license plates everywhere, we work with dog fans, we may even sleep with dog alumni.

This is a quote from the Atlanta Journal after our first meeting with Georgia's football team in 1893:
"At one time early in the last half of the game, a stone was hurled at one of the Tech players, striking him a cruel blow in the head... At another time, one of the Athenians drew a knife and threatened one of the Techs' better players... The Techs were also poked and gouged with canes on plays toward the boundary lines... Some of the crowd had the privilege of the gridiron equally with the players."

The rock the UGA fans threw hit our first superstar,
Leonard Wood. Wood stitched up his own forehead and kept playing despite the injury. Tech won 28-6 with the help of Wood and quarterback John Kimball (a UGA transfer). They may have hurled the first stone but Tech has the first and most recent wins in the series, which is a huge talking point for Tech fans.

A win gives us gratification equivalent to say winning the lottery every day for a year until the next Thanksgiving game.

There's a long
history of why we hate them but it mostly stems from having to deal with their arrogance and bravado on a daily basis. There is not a happier fan base in America when the Bulldogs struggle.

A win is huge for a multitude of reasons. Since Mark Richt's arrival, he has dominated GT on the instate recruiting trail. He's also rebuilt the ravenous horde that is the UGA bandwagon.
A win shows that there isn't this gaping disparity between our two programs. A win constitutes a winning streak over the dogs - something Tech fans haven't known since 1998-2000.

In a slightly sick way, Tech fans want to win because we know it's driving Mark Richt out of Georgie. He's their best coach since Dooley but he happened to land a job during Tech's best coach since Bobby Ross' tenure and Florida's best coach ever. Hence, the comparisons in annual rivalry games are killing his reputation amongst the Bulldog faithful.

A Tech win distances the doggie fan base even more from Richt and may ultimately put their program back in the realm of Jim Donnan-esque futility if they force him out.

A loss would be the ultimate punch in the face to the ACC. It would say, "Tech won the ACC handily but couldn't beat a third tier SEC squad." A loss cannot happen. Tech has to pull it out. Tech's reputation is on the line as well as the ACC's.

A loss also confirms that Tech still hasn't reached the next level as a contender. Big out of conference, national television games are what winning programs feed off of.
If we can't win the state, there's no reason to believe Tech deserves any more than a division title this season.

Note: This post was originally made last year, but I feel the sentiments in this rivalry remain the same regardless of the year.

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