Monday, November 8, 2010

Georgia Tech Basketball Preview


"Georgia Tech’s basketball team will be as small and, in some areas, inexperienced as any from the decade-long Paul Hewitt era.

Yet Hewitt has never been more excited going into a season.

The Yellow Jackets embraced the underdog persona during the offseason. They rose early for grueling conditioning workouts. The veterans led intense drill sessions and pickup games. The coaches noticed an edge long missing from the program during individual workouts."
"Hewitt likes the chemistry of this team. As much as he believes in the mantra “it’s not about the Xs and Os but the Jimmies and the Joes,” the last five seasons have taught him the value of some key intangibles: drive, hustle, intelligence, camaraderie.

Tech’s program is one that exists at the extremes; the more star-studded teams tend to underachieve, and the less talented squads traditionally play over their heads. Given that history, this team’s shortcomings might bode well.

Hewitt and his players think so.

“No one in the locker room views anything less than going back to the NCAA Tournament as a successful season,” Hewitt said." has the Jackets picked 9th in the ACC, same as the media, finishing ahead of Clemson, Virginia, and Wake Forest.

After watching the team scrimmage a few weeks ago I think this team goes as far as Junior Iman Shumpert takes them.

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