Thursday, November 4, 2010

Georgia Tech's 5 Biggest Upsets of the Last 5 Seasons

The public has spoken. No this isn’t about election night. Its about Georgia Tech’s chances of beating Virginia Tech and they aren’t good.

The Jackets are 13 point underdog in Blacksburg in a game that could decide the Coastal Division. Upsetting the Hokies would be quite a task, but Tech has had some big upsets before. Lets look back at the Yellow Jackets top five upsets over the past five seasons.

5. Georgia Tech (+6) at Boston College Sept 6, 2008
Tech was only a six point underdog in Chesnut Hill, but being Paul Johnson’s first ACC game and a road one at the defending Atlantic Division champions there was certainly apprehension about whether the spread option could really work in the ACC. The Jackets had three fumbles in the first half but their defense (yes, the defense) kept them close. In the 4th quarter, Jonathan Dwyer ripped off a 43 yard run on a freeze option play to give Tech the go ahead score. The win gave the team and fans confidence this offense could win in the ACC.

4. Georgia Tech (+10) at Virginia Tech Sept 30, 2006
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  1. Well the game is over and what a game it was. GT won against the spread, but the ball game went to VT. Honestly, I was more nervous about the GT game than anyone else on our regular season schedule.

    If Nesbitt hadn't gone out, I'm not sure the Hokies would have been able to beat them. They (GT) came out playing some of the best football I've seen them play this season and the Hokies were fortunate to come out of tonight with a win.

  2. I don't think Virginia Tech wins if Nesbitt doesn't get hurt. But he did and it was bad. Out for the season with a broken arm.

    VT could be shaping up for a rematch with NC State if the Wolfpack take care of business.

    Thanks for the comment Brent.

  3. I'm hoping things will work out for FSU to play in the title game because (assuming VT does get there), we've played NC State already and a rematch is less fun for us as fans plus there's the possibility of a let down where you feel like you've already beat them and don't quite get the mental prep done you would for a new opponent.

    And I feel bad for GT losing Nesbitt for his senior season. Though the backup looked talented and may run it nearly as well after a little experience.


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