Sunday, November 28, 2010

How All Other Georgia Tech Wins Are Being Diminished By Losses To UGA

The last 10 years of Georgia Tech football have been very prosperous for the Yellow Jackets except when it comes to playing UGA. The Bulldogs have won nine of the last 10 meetings which ties for the biggest disparity in a 10 year span since the Jackets went 9-1 from 1947-1956.

Many a young boy in Atlanta and the state of Georgia had their formative years watching and hearing about how Tech beat UGA in the 1950s and subsequently became Yellow Jacket followers.

But today many young boys/men are watching the Bulldogs dominate the series and this simple post game picture sent the message home loud and clear

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  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    uga and tech have a rivalry like a hammer and a nail have a rivalry.

  2. So who is UGA's biggest rival then? Florida?

    Would Mark Richt still be head coach at Georgia if he had a 2-8 record against Georgia Tech?

  3. I guess you could say Auburn or Tennessee is the biggest rival. And if Richt had a 2-8 record against Tech and Florida, he would not have a job.


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