Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is Auburn Now The Biggest Rival For Georgia?

The Auburn Tigers defeated the Georgia Bulldogs 49-31 on Saturday ending a four game winning streak by UGA in the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.

Georgia fans also consider Florida and Georgia Tech big rivals as well, but the Bulldogs hold advantages in both series. Auburn's win this year gave the Tigers a two game advantage 54-52-8.

But even bigger than the win was how the game ended. Lets give a little background for qualification...

Auburn had the game won but with both teams still playing hard tempers flared after Tiger DT Nick Fairley went low on UGA QB Aaron Murray sending the redshirt freshman out of the game.

Fairley has developed a reputation as taking a little extra juice to QBs this year. The play on Murray was fairly harmless looking compared to others, but the injury sent the Georgia team over the edge likely as a culmination of earlier Fairley hits of the legal and illegal nature.

On the next play, the UGA offensive line targeted Fairley during and after Washaun's Ealey run. Georgia players even left the sideline before referees could get things under control. Two Auburn players were ejected because of their actions in the skirmish.

Emotional Tiger assistant Trooper Taylor corralled Fairley away from the scrum and the Auburn DT seemed to take Taylor's action as that of celebratory. I am sure that fueled the Bulldogs rage even more.

This game has always been one more on the friendly side with the two programs sharing so much history.

But after Saturday I am sure Bulldog players and fans will be looking to next year's game when Auburn travels to Athens. Fairley will likely be in the NFL by then, but the memory of his actions won't be forgotten.

Nick Fairley draws late hit penalty

Nick Fairley Hit Injures Aaron Murray

UGA-Auburn End of Game

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