Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mark Richt Auburn Press Conference

You may have forgotten with all the Cam Newton stories, but Georgia has a chance to ruin Auburn's perfect season on Saturday, extend their winning streak in the series to 5 in a row as well as become bowl eligible.

Richt talks about trying to simulate Auburn's offense, compares Cam Newton to Charlie Ward, and the allegations surrounding Cam Newton among other things.

Richt Press Conference Video

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  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    HMMMM.....Looks like TICK oh I mean Richt needs to study AU's OFFENSE a little harder hmmmm????? Oh Well - Tigers put the Dawgs in the pound where they belong - he is a joke of a coach if you ask me...running out to the field and bringing his entire bench of players with him. I was disgusted by the punches that thrown, but the ejections AU had were worth it. GA started it WE FINISHED IT!!!! For me to take anything Richt says to heart or seriously after his encouragement to his team several years ago to Celebrate in the zone after the first score against Florida shows some real class in a coach if you ask me. What a LOSER!!!


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