Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mark Richt Discusses Georgia Tech Game On The Bulldog Hotline

Scott in Grayson hopes everyone remembers what happened two years ago, with all those Tech players posing with pieces of the hedge. If we get a chance to put the pedal to the metal, do it. What are the differences defending the option with a 3-4 vs. a 4-3?

CMR – people have tried to defend it with both. The 3-4 is a more balanced look and we hope it causes them confusion. If you line up someone right on the nose and two tackles, it’s difficult for them to know what our intentions are. Bottom line – you’ve got to play assignment football, play physical, and play against cut blocks – get off those and make the play. If they block every guy they’re assigned to block, we’re going to have trouble. Guys have to defeat blocks and make plays.

Full Recap at The Anti-Orange Page

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