Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NC State-Maryland Controversy: ACC Head of Officials Underscores My Point About Ball Spots

On Monday, head ACC ref Doug Rhoads said that the NC State-Maryland officials handled the controversial spot on 4th down correctly.

And then Rhoads goes on to underscore the point I made yesterday about who is should be spotting the ball on running plays like we say between the Wolfpack and Terrapins.

"Rhoads said the line judge and head linesman ran in hard like they're supposed to after the play to mark the spot of the ball when Adams was stopped. He said on short-yardage plays where many large bodies are present, it's difficult to determine the spot of the ball."

Yes, Mr Rhoads it is difficult to spot the ball when you have a middle aged man running in from 60 feet plus to determine inches gained.  So why not let the umpire make the spot when he standing right over the ball?

I guess I should not expect the ACC office to ever admit they were wrong because it would be the first.

Here is another magnificent call by ACC officials that, again, the ACC office never admitted they were wrong


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