Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SEC Power Rankings

1. Auburn
Cam Newton has all the highlights, but the real star of Auburn this year is their offensive line

2. LSU
Les Miles almost gave away all the good will he has re-built this season against Ole Miss

3. Alabama
The Tide still have a chance to play in the BCS if they beat Auburn and Arkansas gives them some help

4. Arkansas
Petrino getting things done at Arkansas this year

5. South Carolina
Gamecocks performance vs Troy makes me think having the pressure off allowed them to just go out and play

6. Miss State
That early season momentum is staring to fade away

7. Florida
Don't act like I am the only that thought Florida might struggle with Appy State

8. Georgia
Comes down one game to extend the Bulldog season and possibly save Mark Richt's job

9. Tennessee
The Volunteers have a one game season against a team they have beaten 25 straight times

10. Kentucky
I would say that if Kentucky is going to beat Tennessee, this is the year.  But I have also said that three or four times recently

11. Ole Miss
Houston Nutt sounded like a guy fighting for his job last wee and his team almost played like it too

12. Vanderbilt
At least basketball looks somewhat promising this year

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