Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why Was AJC's Jeff Schultz UGA-Georgia Tech Post Game Article Pulled?

Jeff Schultz originally penned (or typed) an article entitled "Georgia not more impressive in win than some losses" after the Georgia Tech game.

Yet, when you try to follow his Twitter link to it the article has been pulled and the comments section is closed.

Shortly after, Schultz wrote another (and presumably different) article with the title: "Georgia's win not art, but we've come to expect this" and the comments section is open.

What gives? Did he unfairly cast aside UGA's win? Did anyone get to see the first article?

See the multiple Twitter messages below, yet only 1 works.
# Georgia’s win not art, but we’ve come to expect this less than 20 seconds ago via twitterfeed

# Georgia not much more impressive in win than some losses (TAKES YOU TO BLANK ARTICLE) about 2 hours ago via twitterfeed

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