Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Gifts For ACC Basketball Teams

From the Yahoo CBB Blog:

Duke: A favorable prognosis on point guard Kyrie Irving's toe injury. With him, the Blue Devils are a clear favorite to win the national title. Without him, they're just one of many contenders.  

Hopefully Santa will find it in his heart to spread such blessings on the Duke basketball program.

Georgia Tech: A booster wealthy enough to pay coach Paul Hewitt's reported $7 million buyout. There's a good chance the underachieving Yellowjackets might have made a coaching change last year were it not for Hewitt's buyout being so large.

Ouch for Hewitt and ouch for YELLOW JACKETS fans (not Yellowjackets)

North Carolina: A new starting point guard. Larry Drew II has looked slightly better since the victory over Kentucky, but the Tar Heels better hope Kendall Marshall is the long term answer.

Double ouch if you are Larry Drew

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