Friday, December 3, 2010

My Suggestion For The Next Vanderbilt Coach

Vanderbilt does not have much of a tradition for winning in football lately.  The Tennessean chronicles the Commodores footbal history in the modern era and its not very pretty.

History tells you that coach may not exist, no matter how much money the school is willing to pay.
Simply put, Vanderbilt is in the wrong league for football.  The last six head coaches compiled a composite record of 79-204. That includes Watson Brown through the short hook time Robbie Caldwell was granted.

Only Bobby Johnson had a winning season and his 2008 team had to win the Music City Bowl to finish 7-6. That was also the only season Vanderbilt finished as high as .500 in the SEC, going 4-4.  In eight of those 25 seasons, Vanderbilt teams failed to win a SEC football game.  Vanderbilt's composite SEC record during that quarter of a century is 30-162.

 Vandy has to go outside the norm with their next football coach.  In short, they cannot compete in the SEC running the same type of offense as everyone else with lesser talent.  The Commodores have to go with a spread or option coach that can help level the playing field.

My suggestion would be to go after Mike Leach, the former Texas Tech head coach.

Leach knew he could not recruit at the same level as Texas or Oklahoma so he had to find an advantage.  He took the Red Raiders from a Big 12 South cellar dweller to a BCS contender with his Air Raid offense that has been emulated around college football.  Before his time at Texas Tech, Leach was also the offensive coordinator for Oklahoma in 1999, a team that would win the BCS Championship one year later.  .   

On the surface, Leach may seem like not a good fit for the Commodores, but a little more research shows just the opposite.  Leach graduated his players at a very high rate in Lubbock something that will be very important to Vanderbilt. 

Leach will get hired by someone soon.  Why not Vanderbilt?

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