Friday, December 3, 2010

Nebraska And The Big 12 Championship: Who Doesn't Like A Good Conspiracy?

In their final season in the Big 12, Nebraska will face their former Big 8 rival Oklahoma in the final Championship Game for the conference.

Expect the Cornhuskers to be looking very closely at the officials for this game after the debacle at Texas A&M.  Nebraska fans didn't take those calls too kindly responding to the Big 12 office in a threatening manner.  Conference officials were not in attendance last Friday when Nebraska won the Big 12 North Title because they feared for their safety.

Big 12 Conference administrators did not send any representatives to Friday's Nebraska-Colorado football game in Lincoln because the league feared for their safety, commissioner Dan Beebe confirmed to the Journal Star on Friday night.
Nebraska fans flooded the Big 12 office with negative e-mails and voice messages this week, some of which Beebe said were threatening. Those messages will be turned over to authorities, he said.
Beebe himself received more than 2,000 e-mails from Nebraska fans after Saturday's game at Texas A&M, when fans and coaches were upset with the officiating in Nebraska's 9-6 loss.
"…we had to take this stuff seriously until we figure out what's going on," Beebe said. "It took us a long time – of course, it's a holiday week – to sort through all of those and figure out which ones were threatening, and we're going to turn them over to the authorities and contact the people who left the messages, if we can figure out who they are."
In addition to a potential referee conspiracy, Nebraska is fighting internal turmoil with former star QB, now injured QB Taylor Martinez.

During the aforementioned Texas A&M loss, Cornhusker Head Coach Bo Pelini was caught going after Martinez rather aggressively on the sidelines after he was injured.

Corn Nation has more on the rumored reason for the blow up and why the freshman QB is not playing.

Well.. it turns out that Bo Pelini's blow up at Taylor Martinez was because he talked to his dad on a cell phone during the Texas A&M game. Bo wants to suspend Martinez for breaking team rules, but daddy Martinez wants to transfer and doesn't want anyone to know that his son is suspended because other schools may not want him as much and then Bo agreed to let him wear a boot and fake an injury and everyone hates Taylor Martinez because he's a prima donna even though just a few weeks ago he was the greatest thing ever in the history of Nebraska football. 

When you add all of these up I find it hard to believe Nebraska will be able to pull off the upset of Oklahoma.  Evidently, bettors think so too moving the line from -3.5 to -6 in the last two days.  

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