Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ohio State's "Motivation" Against The SEC, Arkansas In The Sugar Bowl

The Buckeyes are 0-9 against the SEC in bowl games.  Jim Tressel is 0-3.

Tressel tried to fire up his team during bowl preparation by reading them an email from an Arkansas fan who said the Buckeyes could not compete with the mighty SEC.

Ohio State has tried these motivational techniques before.  After their 41-14 loss to Florida in the 2007 BCS Championship Game, they changed the combination locks on the football facilities to match those numbers 4-1-1-4.  What did that get them?  A 38-24 butt whipping by LSU the next season in the BCS Championship Game.

Again this year, Buckeyes are saying they are tired of the losing streak to the SEC.  

Does this mean they are less motivated to win bowl games against other conferences? 

If Ohio State beats Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl (which I think they will), it won't because of a fan email read aloud. It will be because they are the better, more prepared team.

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