Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Putting A Bow On Georgia's Win Over Georgia Tech

Some thoughts from the box score:

-UGA only turned the ball over seven times and had 23 assists.  Georgia came into the game averaging 14 turnovers per game.
-Tech had twice as many turnovers with 14; Hewitt said they needed 12 turnovers or less to win and I would bet with two more possessions they would have, but they didn't
-Georgia Tech was forcing 17 turnovers per game, but again got only 7 from the Bulldogs
-Bulldog Guard Dustin Ware was averaging 7 points per game coming into Tuesday's game when he got 21
-Ware was red hot from three point land hitting 7 of 9; He was hitting just 30% of his treys coming into Tuesday
-Georgia Tech did not offer the Powder Springs, Ga native a scholarship
-Georgia's size was a big advantage, but Tech out rebounded them 43-30 and grabbed 14 offensive boards
-Free throw shooting has been atrocious for the Jackets in recent years, but they went 10-12
-UGA hit 12 of 22 three point shots; Tech also allowed Northwestern to hit 12 of 19 and is allowing opponents to his 38% of their three pointers
-Tech's Brian Oliver his just 3 of his 15 shots but played 39 of the 40 minutes
-Paul Hewitt is now 4-7 against Georgia having faced three different coaches
-Mark Fox is 2-0 against Tech and Hewitt
-Georgia is now 5-0 in games decided by 3 points or less
-After falling behind by 5, UGA went on an 8-2 run in the final two minutes

Much like the football game, the basketball contest came down to Tech's 14 turnovers compared to UGA's 7.

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