Friday, December 3, 2010

Rivalry Loses Bring Meltdowns of Epic Proportions

Any fan of college football knows how important rivalry games are to the sport.  Coaches are fired because of losses to the arch rival and many schools had their grudge matches this past weekend.

Roll 'Bama Roll has put together a compilation from Alabama, Texas, LSU, Boise State, Florida, Ole Miss and Michigan fans overreacting to their teams losses.

From RBR:
"The topic list this week includes goats, prison, rape, abortions, man whores, dogs, fair weather fans, honeymoons, divorce papers, sobriety, liquor cabinets, South Carolina t-shirts, Jesus, pigs, Deliverance, small pox, suicide, and welfare checks. And that was just the 'Bama meltdown.

You know the standard warning that comes with this piece, and it applies even more so this week. Consider yourself warned. Enjoy after the jump:"

I usually decry fans knee jerk reactions and calls for firing of the entire staff after a loss, but some of these are pretty funny.


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  1. You are right - college rivalry losses can conclude with changes in coaching lineup - sometimes needed but often unfounded. Imagine if the NFL reacted in the same way!


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