Tuesday, December 7, 2010

UGA Beats Tech: Mark Fox Post Game Comments

Opening Statement
"That was a certainly a hard-fought basketball game. We beat a real solid Georgia Tech team, and I thought their kids played really hard. I thought our kids played extremely hard. We feel like we are leaving here with a good win."
On Dustin Ware's 3-pointer with 18 seconds left
"Dustin Ware can shoot the ball well. He shot well in practice last night, and I really felt like he was going to shoot it well. I credit Gerald Robinson, he made a great pass and found the open man and Dustin was ready to stick it in the basket and it was certainly a big basket for our program."
On if Georgia was outhustled in the first half
"I don't know if we got outhustled, I think both teams played hard, I don't think we played well. We didn't rebound the ball well in the first half, we didn't defend well in the first half, we didn't shoot free throws well most of the night, but we played hard. You have to credit them, they made a lot of plays too."
On 23 assists compared to only 7 turnovers
"We were an unselfish team. I think we have a real unselfish team. I think we have a team full of guys who believe in each other and we are starting to understand how to make the guy next to us better. We needed every bit of that tonight."
On Trey Thompkins' slow start
"He didn't start the game real well. He's not in a rhythm, and you can just see it. He just isn't in a rhythm yet, and we need to get him some significant practice time. We need to get him a couple more days of rest and get him healthy. He didn't start the game in a great rhythm, he turned it over a couple of times early, but then he get into the flow of the game and once he did that, his offensive rhythm came back and he made a lot of big plays for us."
On Travis Leslie sitting with 2 fouls in the first half
"I made my mind up on that a long time ago. If you get two fouls in the first half, you are usually going to sit for me. Very seldom will I play someone in the first half with two fouls, especialy when we have Marcus Thornton and Connor Nolte who I have great confidence in. I'm glad we did that because we were able to keep him on the floor at the end."

Paul Hewitt's Comments (video)

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