Monday, January 17, 2011

Georgia Tech Basketball Attendance Watch: UNC Game Brings 88% Full Arena

In my continuing attendance watch on Georgia Tech's season, I take a look at the attendance for the Sunday night game against the Tar Heels.

Alexander Memorial was as full as it has been since the Georgia game  with 8,125 showing up to watch Tech take on UNC making the arena 88% full.  

Normally, UNC draws a very good crowd with a large alumni base here in Atlanta plus many more sidewalk fans.  The powder blue crowed looked especially large this time with what appeared on TV to be 50% of the fans in attendance.  Jeff Schultz of the AJC was there and he says 33% so we can go with that figure.

Yes, the arena was more full than it has been for recent home games but you would expect that with an ACC game and especially one featuring UNC.  If Tech was say 11-4 heading into the game I think it would have been a sellout, but they aren't and it wasn't.

So taking into account that tickets were $35 apiece and with 1,066 seats empty that equals $37.310 lost revenue in tickets sales alone. You can easily double that with lost parking, concessions, and merchandise sales.

But Hewitt seems to be coming around as to why Alexander Memorial Coliseum isn't full as the AJC's Jeff Schultz illustrates.

Hewitt isn’t happy with the empty seats. But he also understands why.

“We have some guys here who deserve people’s support,” he said, “but I guess we just have to go out and show it.

“We haven’t produced. We gotta produce. We’ve got to string some wins together and people will show up.”

Sounds like Hewitt may be finally understanding that winning happens then the bandwagon fills up. Not the other way around when you have had disappointing teams in four of your last five seasons.

I have some thoughts up on the game itself here

Running Season Total:
UGA $86,310 lost without a full arena
Sav. St $24,195 lost without 75% full arena
Mercer $15,980 lost without 75% full arena
Charlotte $22,500 lost without 75% full arena
UNC $37,310 lost without a full arena
TOTAL $186,295 in ticket sales alone

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