Monday, January 10, 2011

John Calipari Says Georgia Was Tougher, More Aggressive In Win Over Kentucky

Kentucky suffered its first loss of the season Saturday at Georgia, but it was the way it happened that has head coach John Calipari so upset. Rich Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal describes Cal's mood.

There were many things that annoyed Calipari as his team was outscored 19-12 over the final seven minutes. Shot selection. Careless passes. Defensive brain cramps. You can place checkmarks next to the usual items that make coaches howl.

But this is the thing that really galled Calipari: Georgia was tougher. Nastier. More determined. The aggressor.

Calipari cannot accept that. Won't accept it. He'll shuffle his lineup before he accepts it. Especially from his upperclassmen.

“If you're not ready for that, why did you come here?” Calipari wondered after the game. “You've got to play through it, figure it out. We didn't get to the line.”

When asked about the Wildcats motivation, freshman Brandon Knight responded with:

“Today they were more physical,” Knight said. “They wanted it more than we did.”


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