Monday, January 10, 2011

New Head Ref Steve Shaw In Favor Of Making SEC Officials 'Media Friendly'

Steve Shaw, a 15 year ref in the SEC, has been named Head of SEC Officials taking over for Rogers Redding.  Shaw discussed his new responsibilities and priorities with Jon Solomon of The Birmingham News  

The most interesting part I thought was Shaw's idea of communicating with the media more.

Shaw said the trend in officiating is moving toward a more transparent model.

"There was a day when the conference didn't comment and the officials were never allowed to comment," he said. "Now, in certain bowl games, we allow pool reporters to ask questions about certain plays.

"One of the things I really want to do is I want us to be media-friendly. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll always put any discipline on the front page of the paper. But I do think we need an air of transparency and we have to figure out, how does that grow over time? That's something I'm really looking forward to as our profession evolves."

Note: The SEC Office cordially asks fans to direct all threats to Steve Shaw, not Rogers Redding, for blown SEC calls; Redding has moved on.

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