Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ohio State Officially Submits Appeal To NCAA For The 'Tat 5'

Buckeyes are hoping to get the suspensions reduced due to this argument from AD Gene Smith:

"OSU had not done an adequate job of explaining to them previously that they were not allowed to sell items such as gold pants and championship rings awarded by the school while they still had playing eligibility, even though technically the items belong to the players."

I would shocked if the NCAA did not reduce their penalties considering they allowed the five players to play in the Sugar Bowl and their recent rulings in general.

On a related note: USC's appeal will be heard on January 21 where I fully expect the NCAA to uphold the two year suspension and scholarship reductions. I think the ruling against the Trojans has as much to do with the way the NCAA perceived that USC was thumbing their nose to them during the investigation than the actual rules violations.

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