Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paul Hewitt Attendance Watch: Georgia Tech Loses To Charlotte In Double OT

The Yellow Jackets fell in double overtime to the Charlotte 49ers Sunday 86-83. The listed attendance was 5,768 in a 9,191 seat coliseum, but the actual attendance was much lower as this video taken in OT shows.

The announced attendance has Alexander Memorial Coliseum at 63%.

A 75% full arena at $20 per ticket would have meant $22,500 more revenue in ticket sales, not to mention parking, concessions, and merchandise which could easily double that number. And as we see above the attendance was MUCH less than 63% full.

Calculating the season total the lack of attendance is costing in ticket revenue.

UGA $86,310 lost without a full arena
Sav. St $24,195 lost without 75% full arena
Mercer $15,980 lost without 75% full arena
Charlotte $22,500 lost without 75% full arena
Total of $148,810 lost in ticket revenue alone

Paul Hewitt's Post Game Comments

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