Sunday, January 2, 2011

Paul Hewitt Attendance Watch: Mercer Game 66% Sold, 30% Full

Georgia Tech defeated Mercer on Friday 87-78.

The listed attendance was 6,094, but when I asked AJC beat writer Doug Roberson he said the actual attendance was more like 3,000.

We'll go with the paid attendance figure since that what means most to the bottom line.  With a capacity if 9,191 that would mean the Mercer game was 66% full.

Going back to the formula I used for non-conference games, a 75% full coliseum would mean 6,893 seats sold.  If the Jackets had sold 799 more tickets at $20 per they would have generated $15,980 in ticket sales alone which is not even counting concession sales, parking, and merchandise. 

Starting with the UGA game, the Georgia Tech Athletic Department has lost at least $126k in ticket revenue alone.

Tech faces Charlotte on Sunday at home before the ACC season begins this week.

UGA $86,310 lost without a full arena
Sav. St $24,195 lost without 75% full arena
Mercer $15,980 lost without 75% full arena
TOTAL $126,305 in ticket sales only

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