Sunday, January 23, 2011

SEC Basketball Power Poll Week Ending 1/23

1. Vanderbilt
The Commodores were the only good team that didn't lose this week.

2. Kentucky
John Calipari did not erupt in a profanity laden outburst when I rated Kentucky second.

3. Florida
The Gators defense was very good holding their opponents to 83 points total this week.

4. Tennessee

"Is Tennessee a better team with Tony Jones on the sideline than Bruce Pearl?" - Signed: The NCAA

5. Georgia
Mark Fox's team missed out last week at home making this Tuesday's game against Florida that much more important.

6. South Carolina
The Gamecocks would be the favorite in the West this year.

7. Alabama
Alabama is the best of the worst this year.

8. Arkansas
Before 40 minutes of hell comes back, maybe Arkansas should first concentrate on playing for 20 minutes.

9. Miss State
Miss State has failed to erase the bad memory of Hawaii yet though home wins over Vandy and Florida this week would certainly help.

10. Ole Miss

Rebels notch their first SEC win over LSU after four straight losses.

11. LSU
Somewhere in Arkansas, John Brady is laughing.

12. Auburn
Auburn beat FSU who beat Duke. Therefore by comparative logic...

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