Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Breaking Down The Top 50 in Georgia By School

Many UGA fans complained about Mark Richt's ability to "build a fence" around the state in recruiting. Well you can't complain about that this year as the Bulldogs have a chance to snag 15 of the top 50 recruits in the state according to the AJC.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, Georgia has signed just 4 of the states top 50, a disappointing haul for the Jackets to say the least. Tech signed 14 players total from in state last year in its 18 member class, but has just 10 pledges this year amongst 21.

Here is a breakdown by school.
AJC's Top 50 By School Breakdown
Georgia 14 (still in hunt for Isaiah Crowell)
Tennessee 5 (still in hunt for Gabe Wright)
Georgia Tech 4
Auburn 4 (still in hunt for Gabe Wright)
Kentucky 4
South Carolina 4
Alabama 2
Florida St. 2
Stanford 1
Notre Dame 1
California 1
Cincinnati 1
Michigan State 1
Syracuse 1
Virginia Tech 1
Miami 1
Illinois 1

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