Sunday, February 27, 2011

SEC, ACC Lead Invitees To NFL Combine

SEC tops list of all conferences with 53 invitees. Not too far behind is the ACC at 50, nine more than the next conference the Big 10 at 41.

The SEC's prowess on the football field is well documented, but the big question why hasn't the elite talent in the ACC translated to more team success? Dennis Dodd of pondered this..

Since 2000, the SEC has sent 449 players to the NFL. The ACC is a surprising second with 393. The Big Ten is third with 385. The SEC has the added advantage of having 12 teams. The Big Ten has 11 members. Until 2004, the ACC was a nine-team league. 

From 2006-2009, the SEC beat the ACC by exactly one draft pick, 149-148. In that same span, the ACC led the country with 30 first-round choices. Among them: Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan (Atlanta, third overall, 2008); Virginia defensive lineman Chris Long (St. Louis, second overall, 2008); Georgia Tech receiver Calvin Johnson (Detroit, second overall, 2007) and North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams (Houston, first overall, 2006).
Watch the NFL Combine Live here

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