Monday, February 14, 2011

SEC Basketball Power Poll: New Team Graces SEC Floor

The Florida Gators still top my SEC Power Rankings after winning both of their conference games this week, but a new team takes over the bottom spot in the rankings.  

1. Florida
Gators take care of two division foes and have firm grip on East Division.

2. Vanderbilt
Commodores sent ref Tim Higgins a Valentine Card for his gift against Alabama.

3. Kentucky
Wildcats are a very pedestrian 5-5 in SEC play but all of their losses are razor thin.

4. Alabama
I wondered who that guy was yelling from the Alabama bench on Thursday night. What has gotten into Anthony Grant? I don't know but I like it.

5. Tennessee
I was being half serious last week when I wondered if UT was better off with Tony Jones as head coach.

6. Georgia
Bulldogs possibly save their NCAA Tournament hopes by holding off South Carolina.

7. Arkansas
The Razorbacks haven't lost three in a row or just got beaten by Auburn so they get this spot by default.

8. South Carolina
Did anyone else notice Sam Muldrow looking at the camera behind the free throw line right before he would shoot yesterday? Never seen that before.

9. Ole Miss
Saw this tweet this week: Chris Warren is a great basketball player but a terrible partner in Spanish class.

10. Miss State
Miss State lucky I didn't drop them to the bottom but I guess they aren't the first team to lose to Auburn.

11. Auburn
Watch out! Tigers have won two of their last four.

12. LSU
The last time LSU won, Michigan was still considering Les Miles for their head coaching job.

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