Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 NCAA Tournament: 10 Thoughts On The ACC

1. I think Gene Smith was lying when he said winner of Duke-UNC game was not for a number one seed. If Tar Heels had won then the Blue Devils really would have still been a 1 seed after losing the regular season title, conference championship, and 2 out of 3 to Carolina? But this isn't the first time Gene Smith has lied this week. Or in the past 6 months.

2. If UNC gets to the Sweet 16 (and I think they will) Kendall Marshall will have to be able to penetrate on Syracuse's zone (assuming Orange hold serve as well). North Carolina does not have the perimeter shooters to simply pass the ball around the outside.

3. Duke has the weakest 2-4 seeds in the Tournament. I am not sold on San Diego State against tough competition in back to back to back games. UConn moved up several seeds because of their past five games and Texas...well they look like they are heading for another end of the season implosion. I would be shocked if Duke doesn't make the Final 4.

4. Clemson being one of the last two teams in was a little surprising though as Doug Gottlieb pointed out they had 0 wins over the RPI top 50.

5. The Tigers and UAB got shafted with their game times. They have to play Tuesday's play in game and the winner has to turn around and play again Thursday at Noon.

6. FSU as a 10 seed was surprising. I guess the committee thinks Chris Singlton is not going to play at all.

7. I thought Virginia Tech deserved to get in over UAB. I am sure Seth Greenberg did too.

8. Speaking of Greenberg...How warm is his seat in Blacksburg? I mean eventually you have to play in an NCAA Tournament right?

9. The NCAA Tournament thought the SEC East was tougher than the entire ACC this year. That does not happen very often (or ever).

10. My picks for how far each team advances:
Clemson - 2nd round (that's round of 64 this year)
FSU - 3rd round
UNC - Elite 8
Duke - Final 4

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  1. Big Man1:28 AM

    Thought Clemson definitely deserved to be in, & deserved better than the "extra-game" 12 seed. They actually did have 3 Top 50 wins this season, until FSU & BC fell out of the Top 50 along with VT (which makes no sense why Top 50 wins aren't kept if the team was ranked in the Top 50 at the time they were beat). Clemson should have been seeded higher than Georgia & Marquette.

    Oh, & Doug Gottlieb is a tool in general.


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