Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alabama Basketball Fans Have Sypathy For Rutgers - Tim Higgins Blows Another Call

In case you missed it today (and those who work during the day probably did) St. Johns defeated Rutgers in (what I think is) the 2nd round of the Big East tournament. St. Johns and Rutgers played by what all accounts was 40 minutes of a great basketball game, BUT the officials decided to ref only about 39 minutes and 57 seconds.

Watch here and see what I mean...

The announcer nails it and Tim Higgins and the other two refs don't. The St. Johns player clearly commits a traveling violation with about 2.5 seconds left and then steps out with about 1.7 seconds. Higgins, the ref on the left side of the screen right in front of the St. Johns bench, is in perfect position to make the call but doesn't.

Right after the buzzer you can see Higgins walking off the court without even looking at the monitors for a replay.

The head of NCAA officiating was upset at the no-call, but has no jurisdiction over the referees continuing in the Big East.

Nearly all referees nowadays are simply contractors working for different conferences. Conferences do not have their own referees like in football so there is no one to answer to and when you have no one to answer to there is no consequences for poor performance.

But I didn't have to tell Alabama fans all this.

Sports By Brooks also has a great slo-mo and close up of this blown call.

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