Friday, March 18, 2011

Bruce Pearl and Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton Are Not on the Same Page

This past Monday, Bruce Pearl was on Atlanta's 790 The Zone talking about his journey to Tennessee and where he has taken the Vols program (6 straight NCAA bids).

At the end of the interview, one of the hosts (Nick Cellini), asked Pearl if he thought how he did in this year's Tournament would determine if he would be back in Knoxville next season.

Pearl's response was "I hope it doesn't determine my future as to whether I'm could determine my future as to a lot of things, but not whether [I'm back]...the people at Tennessee have been very supportive...our President has been out front...the Athletic Director has been out front..they want me to be the coach a long time and I want to be the coach a long time."

Then on Wednesday, Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton goes on Knoxville radio station WNML-AM and said "The jury is out with what's going to happen on that. He knows that, by the way,".

If Bruce Pearl had missed two of the last three NCAA Tournaments or had the 40th highest active winning percentage (Pearl currently ranks 4th), I don't think much discussion is needed to determine his future. But that fact is that none of those statements describe Pearl.

Who knows what statements describe Pearl right now.

Pearl Interview Audio


  1. Hamilton is a terrible PR guy, and will be gone along with Pearl. There's no way (especially after Kiffin) that Tennessee can hang onto Pearl while he serves a 1-2 years show cause penalty.

  2. Don't see how the AD can keep Pearl now after comments he made this week.

    I hear Hamilton (AD) is a great money raiser for the school and that is the main reason he still has his job after Kiffin and now Pearl.

    Maybe the UT President is like the tOSU President and just subservient to athletics.


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