Sunday, March 13, 2011

Current NCAA Basketball Referee Ted Valentine Names His Favorite Coaches

In an interview with the Charleston Post and Courier, NCAA Basketball official Ted Valentine was asked who his favorite coaches were.

Instead of declining to answer the question so as not to insinuate any favoritism, Valentine actually gave the names of his favorite coaches many of whom are still active.

Valentine's favorite coaches are: Gene Keady, who used to be at Purdue. Tom Izzo (Michigan State), Gary Williams (Maryland), Jimmy Calhoun (Connecticut). Coach K (Duke's Mike Krzyzewski) is a blue-collar guy. Leonard Hamilton of Florida State. When the game is over, it's over.

In Valentine's words his favorite coaches are "blue collar-type guys...They're not on the phone whining and crying about some controversial thing."

In case you were wondering, Valentine has officiated seven games this season involving one of his favorites Tom Izzo. All-time Valentine has reffed 39 Duke and Maryland games involving two more of his favorites, Mike Krzyzewski and Gary Williams.

I wonder why Bob Knight did not make this list?

(If you ever want to look up a particular refs stats for foul, technicals, etc is a great resource)

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  1. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Teddy valentine is the worst ref in the history of organized sports. Don't glamourize this clown.


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