Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Did Former UGA Player David Pollack Really Commit NCAA Violations In Recruitment of UGA Signee Ray Drew?

The Georgia Bulldogs reported five NCAA rules violations to the SEC today surrounding the commitment ceremony of heralded recruit Ray Drew.

Present at Drew's ceremony in Thomasville, Ga. were former UGA players Randall Godfrey and David Pollack.

UGA is reporting this because in their words “The violation involves prospective student-athlete (PSA) Mr. Ray Drew and two former letter winners who appear to be representatives of the University’s athletics interests.”

However, UGA does not deem Pollack and Godfrey to be representatives of the school "until they commented on Drew after he had already announced his decision to sign with the Bulldogs. Therefore they could not have influenced his decision."

David Pollack's twitter account suggests otherwise.

Leading up to Drew's announcement on January 28 and before the official signing of his Letter of Intent on February 2nd, Pollack sent the following tweets concerning the prospective student athlete:

Jan 23
Also on Jan 23
So Pollack actually has commented on Drew before his announcement or more importantly his official signing with Georgia.

Today, in response to the reporting of the violations Pollack said the following:
“I think it’s important for everybody to know I didn’t have anything to do with Ray’s decision,” Pollack said. “He didn’t talk to me about his school choices; he didn’t ask me, ’should I do this or should I do that? All he said is he wanted me to be part of his signing when it happened.”

However, Pollack fooled two of the biggest names in football recruiting, Chad Simmons and JC Shurburtt, when it comes to his ability to get kids to UGA.
Whether he "influenced" Drew or not he certainly knew his decision before Drew actually announced.
Did David Pollack really go all the way down to Thomasville fully expecting Drew to announce Auburn or LSU just as likely as Georgia?

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