Monday, March 14, 2011

Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson Argues With Atlanta Sports Station Host Over Recruiting

Maybe you missed this last week, but Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson got into it with 680 The Fan midday host Matt Chernoff over Johnson's "policy" on what a commitment means in the world of football recruiting.

The center of the argument is whether Johnson's "No visit policy" after a commitment to his program is hypocritical since the Yellow Jacket head coach continues to recruit players after they commit elsewhere. Johnson says he does not view a player as "committed" if they are taking visits whether that be to Tech or elsewhere.

As far as players committed to Ga. Tech taking visits elsewhere, Johnson says he does not have a problem with that but he tells that player that Tech is not committed to them anymore either. Tech will continue to recruit other players for that spot just like the original player is allowing himself to still be recruited.

Johnson says his main issue is with commitments taking visits elsewhere on the weekend before National Signing Day leaving him no time for a replacement as Tre Jackson did this past year and Dontae Aycock in 2008.

After Johnson and host Matt Chernoff are done arguing, Chuck Oliver does a nice job to rescue the interview by steering the conversation back to actual football.

Do you think Paul Johnson's "policy" is hypocritical or not?

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  1. No. CPJ never made a commitment to the other schools that he would not recruit people that have pledged allegiance to another school. That's a commitment between the recruit and the school to which he committed. It's like my marriage. I promised to be faithful to my wife. If a woman hits on me, the woman is not at fault - she did not make a commitment to my wife or myself. Other people are not expected to uphold the commitments that you made.

  2. In a word, no. As someone wiser than myself summed it up:
    If a player says he's committed to Tech and continues to visit other schools, he's not considered committed, we'll continue to recruit him and others, and he may lose his scholie offer if we find someone who wants the spot.

    If a player says he's committed to another school and continues to visit GA Tech, he's not considered committed,we'll continue to recruit him and others and he may get an offer from GA Tech.

  3. If CPJ was chastising other schools for taking visits from GT committs, that would be hypocritical. However, he is not. He has never complained about another coach for doing that. He is making a mutual committment to kids that sign with Tech. Committ to GT (for real), and we will committ to you. Simple as that.

  4. Anonymous6:25 PM

    This is the way all schools "should" recruit. It's certainly how I want to do business and it's how I would want to be treated. If you're not committed, then don't commit! Seems pretty straight forward.

  5. Sounds like fairness and honesty. Completely out of place in America and in college football. Good Job Coach! In this messed up world, such character will probably get you fired.


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