Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NCAA Tournament Bracket Edge: Does UGA Gain An Advantage Because of Jet Lag?

Each year as we fill out our brackets we always look for that one stat that may give us the edge we need to win our pool. We look at RPI, FG%, and Coaches records among other things.

One thing that you may overlook is distance traveled by each team. In the NFL you always hear of west coast teams struggling when they come east because of the travel distance and time difference.

The team that has to travel the farthest according to this chart from for their first round game is 7 seed Washington. The Huskies will trek 2,811 miles from Seattle to Charlotte for their first round game against the 10 seed Georgia Bulldogs.

Conversely, UGA has the 8th shortest distance to travel at just 193 miles.
One break the Huskies did get is their game time of 9:45 ET as opposed to the dreaded Noon start. 

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