Sunday, March 6, 2011

SEC Power Rankings Week Ending March 6th

Due to several teams suffering major setbacks in the last two weeks, I have to severely back up from my NCAA Tournament projections a few weeks ago regarding the status of Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. As of now, only three teams look like "locks" for the NCAA Tournament.

Those other three mentioned above are all squarely on the bubble now. If UGA gets past Auburn in the first round, we could have a NCAA Tournament bid on the line when Georgia meets Alabama. The Vols may have to get past the Gators in the second round due to a very poor finish to the regular season.

1. Florida
Gators are by far the SEC's best chance to make it to the Final 4.  Sorry UK fans I just don't trust Calipari.

2. Kentucky
Wildcats with three really good wins down the stretch before heading to "Catlanta" next week.

3. Alabama
Did the Tide have that great of a week? Nope but it wasn't as bad as Vandy, UT, or UGA.

4. Vanderbilt
Commodores had two really good chances to improve their seed this week and failed both times.

5. Georgia
Bulldogs are living dangerously on the bubble. UGA will get a rematch with Alabama if they can get past Auburn in round one.

6. Tennessee
Thank goodness for strength of schedule or else the Vols would be nowhere near the bubble.

7. Miss State
Congrats Rick Stansbury you just finished 2nd in the West. Your Prize? You will be a double digit underdog in the second round of your own conference tournament!

8. Ole Miss
Rebels season ending win over the Razorbacks gives them the nod here.

9. Arkansas
John Pelphrey had an ad taken out against him in a local paper. That is so 1990s. Billboards, people.

10. South Carolina
I wish Darin Horn could coach as slick as his hair looks.

11. Auburn
Congratulations Auburn. You beat LSU in football and basketball this season.

12. LSU
The Tigers have exactly one basketball win since Les Miles interviewed for the Michigan job.

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