Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ACC Basketball Coaches Have Different Views on 18 Game Conference Schedule

At the ACC meetings last week an 18 game conference basketball schedule, which I discussed here, was one of the many items poured over by coaches and athletic directors.

Some appear to be in favor of it like perpetually soft-scheduled Seth Greenberg:
"Anything we can do to re-establish the perception of our league needs to be discussed," Greenberg said.

While others (who wield a lot more power) are clearly not in favor of it:
"We're a one-time-zone league," [Duke Head Coach Mike] Krzyzewski said in February. "You've got to give us a chance to play in different time zones, different places, get out and play different teams from throughout the country. That's what made this conference. This conference didn't become what it is because we stayed isolated within this region."

ACC fans: Are you in favor of an 18 game conference schedule?

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