Sunday, May 8, 2011

ACC To Seriously Consider 18 Game Conference Basketball Schedule

Georgia Tech Athletic Director Dan Radakovich was on 790 The Zone's Barnhart and Durham Friday discussing the upcoming ACC meetings.

Radakovich said an 18 game ACC Basketball schedule would be a primary topic at the meetings this week. Athletic Directors will be discussing what they can do to bolster the ACC Basketball product for TV interests as well as the general interest of the conference.

I think this would be a needed move in not only the ACC but in all major conference basketball.

College Basketball is experiencing a decline in interest for numerous reasons (players leaving early, season starting too early, too many cream puff games) which Wes Durham laid out very well earlier this year in The Death of College Basketball? (Part I, Part II). The sports needs to find a way to get fans back into the game prior to March Madness and a more competitive schedule like an 18 game conference slate would help.

Radakovich also discussed the future of the ACC Championship, the future of the bowl system including discussions related to changing the bottom of the bowl structure, and the changing coaching landscape in ACC Basketball.

Would you be in favor of an expanded ACC schedule, to say 18 or even 22 games, or do you think 16 is the right number of games?

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  1. I'm all for a sharper focus on our conference. I wish the ACC would also talk about expanding conference football games from 8 to 9. We don't have to simply do everything the SEC does.

  2. Follow the route of the Pac 10? I think it deserves consideration.

    The ACC is in a position of needing to generate more interest in football and playing 9 conference games would certainly help more than playing a non-major team.

    The problem would be with schools like FSU, Georgia Tech and Clemson who already play a major out of conference game every year.


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