Thursday, May 5, 2011

According To Multiple Sources Duke Football Has Passed Georgia Tech

that is if you believe ESPN ACC Blogger Heather Dinich who has posted her post spring power rankings and she has 2009 ACC Champion Georgia Tech placed 10th, below persistent cellar dwelling Duke.

9. Duke: Coach David Cutcliffe said quarterback Sean Renfree had a great spring, and he has the potential -- and the receivers -- to lead the Blue Devils out of the ACC cellar. Duke has one of the fastest defenses seen in Durham in a long time, although it remains to be seen whether it will stop anyone. Duke still needs to show improvement on the defensive line but got an instant upgrade with the hire of Rick Petri.

10. Georgia Tech: Quarterback Tevin Washington is still the starter, but Synjyn Days closed the gap with a strong performance in the spring game. The defense has improved in the second season of Al Groh's 3-4 scheme, but it was going against an offensive line that had a subpar spring. Special teams also is still in need of improvement, but the overall attitude of the team was better this spring.

But Heather is not alone.  Virginia Tech Blogger Gobbler Country has also placed the Blue Devils above the Yellow Jackets in their post spring rankings.  However, they give the caveat they think Ga Tech will finish ahead of Duke in the final standings.

If Dinich's rankings turn out to be true (and I don't think they will be) it is safe to say Paul Johnson's welcoming party will be over in Atlanta.

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  1. I could name about 10 different bloggers or writers that cover the ACC better than Heather Dinich. Personally I stopped reading her articles about 2 years ago, and only found this article of hers becuase I read your site's ACC coverage.

    Well thats the way Paul Johnson likes it, people doubting him and his team. Last year the team wasn't that bad, they just kept making mistakes in the red zone, and the defense will be better.


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