Monday, May 9, 2011

The Biggest Losers in the NFL Lockout? Its The Undrafted Free Agents

Every April, NFL teams select seven rounds of players to stock their rosters with new talent. In addition to the drafted players, teams will also take on from college who were not as free agents many who end up making the practice squad and some who even play that season.

With the ongoing NFL Lockout no free agency exists putting the career of many NFL hopefuls on hold.

Typically after the draft, teams load up on undrafted free agents, with about 350 finding spots in minicamps across the league and working their way to training camp. As many as 60 undrafted players usually make an opening-day roster for the NFL's 32 teams...

They can take heart in knowing that 2010 was unofficially the "Year of the Undrafted Free Agent" in the NFL. Twenty-three undrafted free agents made the Pro Bowl, and the Green Bay Packers started two of them, cornerback Sam Shields and linebacker Frank Zombo, in their Super Bowl XLV win over Pittsburgh.

The story continues here with quotes from former UNC players Zach Pianalto, Kendric Burney, and Deunta Williams (whose Draft Day was especially painful).

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