Monday, May 9, 2011

Chris Bosh Interview As A Freshman At Georgia Tech

The Miami Heat forward seems to be a popular topic with his team currently embroiled in a playoff series with the Boston Celtics (and how Bosh has seemingly disappeared at times this series)

I had the fortune of being able to interview Bosh when he was a freshman at Georgia Tech and I thought I would post the entire discussion since my original post on Bosh contains a link to the article in Georgia Tech's student newspaper evidently about the time when the Internet was first being formed.
Chris Bosh Q and A - February 2003

If you haven’t noticed a new face walking around campus that reaches almost seven-feet, then you must be studying too much or not going to class. Chris Bosh, a 6-10 freshman forward from Lancaster, Texas, has taken ACC basketball by storm this season. Bosh came to Tech after garnering many high school awards, including Player of the Year by Basketball America and “Mr. Texas” by Gatorade. Entering the Wake Forest game, Bosh leads the ACC in field-goal percentage and blocks, ranks second in rebounds, and ninth in scoring. It is easy to say this laid-back freshman has made quite a splash in his first season on the Flats. Recently, I got to sit down with Chris and ask him a few questions.

Me: Why did you choose Tech?

Chris: It was the best overall fit for me; the athletic program, Tech is in a great city, and the academic program is outstanding.

Me: What do you like most about playing college basketball?

Chris: Just being able to play basketball… playing NCAA basketball it gives you a good feeling; Watching college basketball growing up, looking up to those guys and now being apart of it.

Me: How has the transition been from high school to college?

Chris: It has been tough. College is a lot more serious and intense than high school basketball. School is a lot harder too; it takes a lot of self-discipline.

Me: Is there a player that you try to model your game after?

Chris: I would say Kevin Garnett. He is tall and lean just like me, but stronger than people think.

Me: What has been the toughest place to play basketball so far?

Chris: Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke

Me: Do you have a favorite movie?

Chris: Blue Chips with Nick Nolte

Me: What are you hobbies outside of basketball?

Chris: Basketball takes a lot of energy and time so sleeping would be one. I like to read and play video games. Normal things that any other college kid would like.

Me: What makes you just like any other Georgia Tech Student?

Chris: I have to study a lot, do well in my classes. Outside of basketball, I am just like any other student.

Me: If basketball doesn’t work out, what else would you like to pursue?

Chris: I would like to be able to use my management degree, maybe in the real estate field.

Bosh is the leading candidate for ACC Freshmen of the Year.

“I think he’s the best freshmen in the ACC, and I don’t think it’s even close,” said ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas.

“If you had to pick a team and start with one player, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be Chris Bosh.”

The question of how long Chris Bosh will remain a Yellow Jacket has been raised repeatedly. At a recent home game against Maryland during NBA All-Star Weekend, 23 scouts including five general managers and two vice presidents for player personnel were among the attendees to watch Bosh – and the senior laden Maryland team – do battle.

“He’s a heck of a pro prospect. There’s no question about that,” Coach Paul Hewitt said. “But I don’t think he has given it a whole lot of thought.”

“I’m just enjoying college. When people ask me [about the NBA], I don’t pay much attention. I’m just trying to play basketball, that’s all. I’m just trying to play.”

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