Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Georgia Tech Baseball Fans Already Getting Nervous About Post Season?

From a BaseballAmerica.com chat this week a Tech fan asks:

"Danny (Chicago): Should I be worried about Georgia Tech and it's annual end of the year slide? With a young team and the series loss to Clemson over the weekend, it seems like something us Tech fans have seen over and over. Should we panic at this point? I know it's a good Clemson team we lost 2 of 3 to on the road but this just reeks of every year before it.

Aaron Fitt: Don't panic — like Texas A&M, the Jackets have good enough pitching to keep them afloat. But I would worry more about Tech than A&M just because Tech is so reliant on freshmen, and we've all seen freshmen wear down in the second half of a college season time and time again. That has always been my reservation with the 2011 Yellow Jackets, and it continues to be. But at least you've got three outstanding juniors in the weekend rotation to carry the load; that should keep you from pushing the panic button."

The Yellow Jackets have failed to make it out of a Regional since 2006 when they went to the College World Series including two appearances at home.

Full Chat link including discussion on the SEC East, FSU's chances as a national seed, and the ACC seeding.

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