Monday, May 16, 2011

Is Coaching Turnover The Reason To Blame For ACC Basketball Slide?

The firing and hiring in the ACC has been at a breakneck pace the last two years ushering in eight new coaches.

David Teel of the Hampton Road Daily Press suggests the inexperience is a major reason why the ACC has slid in its performance when compared to its BCS peers, especially the Big 10.

Teel lists out the schools in each of the six major conferences that have been at their current school more than two seasons.

SEC: 6 of 12
Big 12: 6 of 12 (now 6 with Turgeon's departure to Maryland)
Pac 10: 6 of 10
Big East: 11 of 16
Big 10: 10 of 11
ACC: 4 of 12

"After winning the first 10 ACC-Big Ten Challenges, the ACC has lost the last two. Coincidence? I think not." [Teel]

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