Friday, May 27, 2011

John Swofford Wants ACC Championship Game To Stay In Charlotte

And that is where it should be.

Ken Tysiac of the Charlotte Observer reports:
In some of his strongest statements yet about the ACC football championship game's future in Charlotte, ACC Commissioner John Swofford said Tuesday night that he would like the game to continue to succeed so as to build a permanent home there.

"That would be our preference," Swofford said outside Durham Bulls Athletic Park, where the ACC baseball tournament will begin today.

The ACC is in dire need of establishing an identity in the ever growing world of big time college football.

Most fans outside the conference can't name the divisional alignment much less where the first four championship games were held (Jacksonville and Tampa - two cities with no ACC ties).

Charlotte provides a location where nine of the 12 league fan bases can drive with ease and a hub airport where the other three can fly in to.

The only negative to Charlotte is the weather in an outdoor stadium in early December, but considering Jacksonville hosted a rain soaked game and Tampa got down into the 40s in 2009 I would say weather is a very small matter.

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