Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mark Richt and Mark Fox Meet With UGA Fans in Dalton

Richt and Fox each discussed their most recent seasons and what they are expecting next season the The Daily Citizen of Dalton reports.

“No one is good with that,” Richt said. “No one expects that, but it happened. It’s time to look in the mirror to see where we go from here. A lot of that will have to do with how we prepare in the offseason. And how, as a team, we buy in to what we’re doing because we (all) have to buy in.”

He is looking forward to 2011 where Athlon Magazine has already picked Georgia to win the SEC East.

Richt has a couple of reasons why Athlon and others may be high on UGA.

“I think the selling point on that is people look at the quarterback,” Richt said. “I think it helps that we’re in year two of our defensive transition. We’re looking for some good things on that side. And we’ve got our punter and kicker back. Our special teams are pretty settled. But I always think we’re going to win.”

On the basketball front, Dalton fans are gaining interest in Fox's program.

“Two years ago we were the bottom feeders in the SEC,” Ringgold fan John Green said. “We’ve got some good recruits coming in. Two years from now, I expect us to be in the hunt for a national championship.”

While Richt is under pressure to win this season, expectations differ from fan to fan as far as what UGA must accomplish this year for Richt to remain.

“Coach Richt is a good Christian guy,” Green said. “He teaches them more than football. As long as they show some improvement, that’s enough.”

UGA fans: What level does the team need to attain this season for Richt to keep his job?

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