Thursday, May 26, 2011

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive Discusses Oversigning...Sort Of

Slive was on with Tony Barnhart on Atlanta's 790 The Zone last Friday to primarily discuss oversigning.

While Slive does address Barnhart's questions, he does not go as far as to to take a stance on the matter only continually referring to [paraphrasing] doing what is fair for a student-athlete when they sign with an institution.

While I think oversigning is not "right" or ethical, it is not illegal either.

In the SEC, coaches are not paid millions of dollars or fired for 6-6 seasons because of how much positive impact they have on student-athletes lives. They are paid and retain their jobs for winning. So if you are not trimming the roster a little bit each year then you are not really keeping up with your competition as the rules stand now.

Every coach gets as close to breaking the rules as possible in recruiting so why not in roster management?

That being said, I would like to see some kind of limitation to oversigning and "cutting players".

But for that to happen more commotion needs to occur among players and their families who feel they were cut loose because they simply were not good enough any more. We can't have the Elliot Porter's of the world getting shunned by LSU, signing with Kentucky, and then leaving to walk on with the Tigers.

Somebody needs to be an example and the higher profile recruit they were the better.

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