Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wichita State Basketball Asks the Bartender for a 'Dave Braine'

Coming off an NIT Championship and with major schools pursuing their head men's basketball coach, Wichita State locked up Gregg Marshall with a new contract that contains an automatic rollover provision every year.

Georgia Tech Athletic Director Dave Braine basically invented this type of contract when they signed now former coach Paul Hewitt to it following a run to the National Championship Game in 2004.

After this past season, Tech fired Hewitt and must pay the remaining six years of his contract valued at roughly $7.2 Million.

However, according to's Eamonn Brennan, the Shockers are not on the hook for $7 plus million if they fire Marshall down the road.

It is interesting how Wichita State just lost their top assistant, Chad Dollar, to Georgia Tech.

Many in Atlanta say Hewitt's downfall began when he lost his top assistants and never replaced them with anything close to the same level.

Lets hope for Wichita State's sake, Marshall doesn't make the same mistake.

Read the Wichita State Release on Marshall's contract

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