Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is Nick Saban Worth 50% More Than Les Miles Or 2 Times Mark Richt?

With Gene Chizik's new raise, the Auburn coach moves up the ladder in terms of pay amongst his conference brethren. But most every coach still pales in comparison to Alabama's Nick Saban.

Below is the annual total salary for SEC coaches with the difference between them and Saban.

Coach School Salary % Difference
Nick Saban Alabama $6 million -
Les Miles LSU $4 million -50%
Bobby Petrino Arkansas $3.56 million -68%
Gene Chizik Auburn $3.5 million -71%
Mark Richt Georgia $2.8 million -114%
Steve Spurrier So. Carolina $2.8 million -114%
Dan Mullen Mississippi State $2.65 million -126%
Houston Nutt Ole Miss $2.5 million -140%
Derek Dooley Tennessee $2.1 million -186%
Will Muschamp Florida $2 million -200%
Joker Phillips Kentucky $1.7 million -253%
James Franklin Vanderbilt $1.3 million -361%

In four seasons at Alabama, Saban has brought an SEC Title, a BCS Title, and the Crimson Tide will be highly ranked again to start the season. However, Les Miles has also done all of these things and Saban is only 2-2 against LSU.

Compared to the rest of the coaches, Saban's salary seems high but if he wins the BCS again this year it is worth it.

But what if the Tide fail to win the SEC or even the West this year?

From strictly a business perspective do you think Alabama has over paid for Saban or has he deserved it based on where he has taken the program and where it appears to be headed?

h/t to Arkansas Sports 360 for the salary data)

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