Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who Has Dominated the ACC Since Expansion? Virginia? Yes, Virginia

From Old Virginia tabulated up the conference championships won by each school since expansion and the Cavaliers are running away with titles - 37 in total. (Link to their post)

The baseball win gives UVA five ACC champeenships for the year, which ties us with Maryland for the season's most with five. Our five: men's tennis, rowing, baseball, and men's and women's swimming and diving. This is as good a time as any to brag about Virginia's ACC dominance. In the years since ACC expansion (so, starting with the 2004-2005 season), here's the rundown of schools and their ACC championships:
  1. Virginia - 37
  2. FSU - 26
  3. Duke - 25
  4. UNC - 21
  5. Maryland - 16
  6. Ga. Tech - 14
  7. Va. Tech - 11
  8. Clemson - 8
  9. NC State - 6
  10. Miami - 5
  11. Wake Forest - 5
  12. Boston College - 1
UVA's 37 championships (in 7 years) break down like so:

  • 6 each: Men's swimming & diving; men's tennis; rowing
  • 4: Women's swimming & diving
  • 3 each: Men's cross country; women's lacrosse
  • 2 each: Baseball; men's lacrosse; men's soccer
  • 1 each: Men's outdoor track & field; women's soccer; wrestling

Rival fans of Virginia Tech will be quick to point out that none of these titles are in "sports that matter" like football or basketball. Still the Wahoos dominance of swimming, tennis, and excellent performance on the baseball diamond deserve some recognition.

(h/t to BC Interruption)

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