Saturday, July 9, 2011

Does the AJC Have A Bias Against Brian Gregory and Georgia Tech Basketball?

Georgia Tech fans have long claimed a bias from the Atlanta newspaper towards rival UGA.

That perception largely stems from the idea that the newspaper employs a lot of UGA graduates while having very few with Tech sympathies on staff.

Yellow Jacket supporters may finally have the evidence they need to prove it.

On Thursday, the AJC Recruiting Blog made a post about where UGA Head Basketball Coach Mark Fox was on the first day of the July recruiting contact period. Fox was in Indianapolis to scout one of the Peach State's top 2012 prospects, Charles Mann, whom the Bulldogs have offered a scholarship.

Without a doubt, the UGA football program is much more popular than Georgia Tech's and the coverage of those programs correctly reflects this fact.

But you would have a tough time making that same argument when it comes to the two basketball programs.

UGA's basketball arena seats almost 1,500 more than Georgia Tech's [now former] arena yet the Yellow Jackets pulled in $800,000 more basketball revenue in 2009-2010.

When it comes to recruiting Georgia Tech has far out paced Georgia in basketball. Since the Mr. Georgia Basketball award started in 1983, Georgia Tech has signed nine award winners (10 if you count two time winners) while UGA has signed just two.

The other major college basketball program in the state also had coaches in attendance to watch Mann in Indy, but that story did not make it into the blog's original post. Only after comments brought that information to light was the story updated to add one line about the Yellow Jackets coaches also being present.

Now that we have established that Georgia Tech is a bigger program in terms of revenue despite a smaller arena, much smaller alumni base, and has recruited more at the top level within the state...

...why would the AJC choose to profile the activities of the Georgia coaching staff on the recruiting trail over the Georgia Tech staff when both are doing the same thing at the same time?

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